MxMo 88: Coconut Roundup!

Well MxMo Coconut is in the books, and boy was it fun. I hope everyone had a good time experiencing and playing with this versatile tropical flavor. We got a lot of posts using coconut water and coconut milk, though I was a little sad no one reached for the Coco Lopez. Despite some bad press it’s really a great ingredient if used properly. Still the drinks we received all look very delicious, and the ones I’ve had a chance to try so far have been swell. I know you dear reader will feel the same. So I invite you to peruse the garden of delights below and select a coconut potion that will help you toast the waning days of summer.


Hainuweles-ginThe Gin is In kicks off with their Hainuwele’s Gin cocktail. They masterfully pair gin and coconut with cream, and root liqueur. They said they were challenged but we think they conquered that hill masterfully.

cocoonSwizzzlestick chimes in with the Cocoon. They use the daiquiri as a springboard to dive into a pool of coconut rum, falernum, and other modifiers. They get extra points for the negative photo making me spend ten minutes staring at the recipe trying to figure out what made it purple. Cheers ya’ll!

14828122570_52b54e84df_nCraig was brave enough to pull some Malibu rum out for the party. I’ll stand in his corner if eggs are thrown because trying to redeem trashy ingredients is one of my favorite things. With Cynar, ginger syrup, a healthy splash of lime, and some cayenne his Bodhicitta has a lot going on. We say a big mahalo to Craig for playing along.

greenisaac0215_zps254473d6Our MxMo Captain and all around great guy Fred Yarm of Cocktail Virgin/Slut came next. He shows off the Green Isaac’s Special, which I became taken with as well during a Hemingway presentation at San Antonio. It’s a tart afternoon sipper great on a boat or just a hot day, probably one of my favorites from “To Have and Have Another”.

persuasionBooze Nerds blog was up next with the Persuasion and Nothing to Declare. Their twin offerings both use some unsweetened coconut cream as well as robust spirits like unaged agricole and a barrel aged gin. Both drinks have unique elements from Aperol and cayenne to Yellow Chartreuse. One thing I have noted from their and others is the pairing of Chartreuse and coconut. This seems like a combo I’ll have to try.

lækkende kokosnødGinhound gave us the Leaky Coconut, poor thing suffered the same issue I did when making a coconut cup. She makes a delicious sounding coconut orgeat and uses rose hips to give her concoction more accent. I want to thank my Danish pal for working with us, It makes me sad there are no subarctic coconuts.

backstepChris from A Bar Above is up next. I had a blast getting to know him and his wife at Tales, and you’ll have a blast if you taste this cocktail. This Old Fashioned Style combo of rum, orange liqueur, and coconut water is the real deal. We’re a big fan of the bitters call as well.

shrubAlex of Feel like Making Shrub wins the award for my favorite blog name. His drink also introduced me to coconut vinegar which I had no Idea existed. His shrub also contains some Habanero and pineapple for some added zing. The cocktail it accompanies uses stately rye whiskey as well as some maraschino for added sweetness. He also gives us a second cocktail with a cacao shrub and a bit of coconut milk for body.

coco 9Whitney of The Tipicular Times joins those who just don’t like that old coconut. If she ever hosts MxMo Celery I’ll be equally ,if not more, paralyzed. She uses a product called Coco Dream and ginger syrup which I do love. She also adds gin, lime, and a dreamy looking garnish. Her cocktail looks amazing and it’s on my list to try.

photo-4Amanda from Mandible Blog comes up next with the El Ensueno or Daydream. She really goes above and beyond using fresh coconut to make her own coconut rum. She then combines it with orange to make a lovely looking take on a flip. Tasty looking work Amanda!

Coconut-Thai-Mar-TEA-NiJudy from I’m Bored, lets Go gave us a twist on delicious Thai Iced Tea. Her black tea is infused with anise and vanilla then sweetened with home sweetened coconut milk. She gets more respect from us for owning a martini glass that isn’t shattered in a billion pieces. I always break the flimsy devils.

wpid-20140824_161224-e1408912425816-768x1024Girl with a Flask chipped in with her Bangkok Lemonade. This coconut water, citrus, and white rum combination is a simple key to conquering the summer heat. The lemongrass adds a floral, herbal nose that is quite nice.

mxmo_coco1BARFLYSF makes us a creamy looking gin number with mint, and lime. It’s a very pretty looking cocktail and he even tells us how we can make our own coconut milk at home from the fresh devils. Bang up job.

pinaTartines to Tiki throws us a duo of agricole accented coconut cocktails. First up is their unique take on a Pina Colada followed by the Chien Chaud from PDT cocktail book. Another Yellow Chartreuse and coconut combo, that has us thinking. Tartines to Tiki is certainly putting their coconut water to good use.

Nilssons-FollyJoel from Southern Ash had the cards stacked against him this month as he sits among the coconut haters club. He made good with a coconut water fueled cross up between a daiquiri and a margarita. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

BikiniAtole_zps5f0bd450Muse from Feu de Vie blog is one of my favorite Twitter friends and is always inspiring to me. Her Bikini Atole is a hot drink in August sure, but crank up the AC baby cause this thing is no joke. Masa Harina gives it a lovely thickness accented by, coconut milk, Batavia Arrack and spices. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it, but I take off my straw hat to her.

an-isle-away-cocktail1Coconut and cardamom, Be careful Elana of Stir and Strain or I’ll think your a siren trying to tempt me toward the rocks. This tasty sip complete with mouth watering photos is accented with passion fruit, lime, coconut water, and rum. Thanks to Stir and Strain I’ll definitely be investing in some new hardware.

IMG_2258Sass and Gin provides us with something of an early morning pick me up. A way to drink your fernet and hydrate too by adding some coconut water/coffee/milk beverage from Vita Coco. Her toasted coconut syrup adds a bit more sweetness for that post hangover get up and go. I’m very sorry I missed her at Tales or was to drunk to firmly recall our meeting.

tea-infused-vodka-cocktail-1-680x806One Martini takes the time to infuse vodka with a fruit filled tea and add it to a coconut water filled Caipiroska or Cocoroska in her case. After you get your workout with that muddler you can hydrate in happiness.

NiuMele4Lastly I bring you my own Niu Mele or Coconut Song. A short full-bodied sipper for a bamboo hut near you. Even I took a break from my normal Coco Lopez to play with coconut milk. I think this month has proved it’s not just for soup and curry anymore.


Well It’s been a blast hosting. I wanna take time to thank everyone who took the time to visit the Dark Isles and make a drink to appease the Tiki. I hope we’ve given you tools to keep the coconut in your mind when it comes to cocktails. Until next time…


“You get Hammered America” -JFL

About JFL

Joey or JFL as he is known by friends is a culinary trained mixologist from the Heart of Dixie Birmingham, Alabama. From a weekly column in the St. Clair News Aegis to his own experiments online JFL never stops doing work on Tiki and Cocktails. When he's not studying all things spirit, wine, and beer he's pursuing his own odd interests such as cartoons, cheesy old horror movies, horror punk, hair metal, and hockey
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  2. I would so be standing in that corner with you, JFL. I too was super impressed with Craig’s brave attempt to redeem the Malibu rum. (Thanks also for making room for us MxMo newbies! It was a bit intimidating to say the least 🙂 )

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