MxMo CII: Spooky Sips Roundup!

Fall is truly in the air, and as I sit among the glowing skulls and twinkling bats of my Halloween lights I sip. Yes Halloween is truly a time for Horror and drunken revelry. We put out the call to the blogosphere for drinks to reflect our favorite spooky season. They sure did answer with some innovative and unexpected ideas. So without further delay I am proud to present the results of Mixology Monday Spooky! [14] Marius of Arcane Potions brings us a stirred concoction he dubs the Essence of Nightshade. Unicum and spherical ice always appeal to me, so much I may even try to stomach sweet vermouth to try it. He was stingy with it’s story, It makes me want to hear more.

Mad ScientistKatie from Garnishblog brings us a Mad Scientist. I may have never done much with foams, but I know she is one strong chick to forgo an ISI Whip for a whisk. I love the use of beaker’s and pipette’s here. I’ve often thought of doing it myself. As for Chartreuse my love for that is well documented.

SinisterShotsWe go from beakers to test tubes thanks to Pete Barmeister of Meticulous Mixing. He presents us with a trio of spooky shots that even use some fresh citrus to give them balance. I knocked back a Red Rum myself and I can vouch for their tastiness.

IMG_4343I love Andrea from Ginhound, but her post here really gave me a thrill. I’ve often thought about the spooky unknown qualities of the deep. Her lurking in the deep blue is very eye catching. It makes me want to get a few fishbowls for the future. We really appreciate all the hard work she put in.

islandlostsouls6208_zps3md3vubdMy good friend and MxMo master Fred Yarm from Cocktail Virgin/Slut loves to tease my hatred of Mocktails. So it’s only fair I tease him a touch for jumping into the hipsterish fortified wine trend. All teasing aside his Island of Lost Souls is mouth watering. This take on a Zombie will ensure you end up going all night instead of slumping against the bar like yours truly. Fred is truly a master at what he does, and I appreciate his friendship, participation, and teasing.

Black-JulepJennifer from Scraps of Life must have been reading my diary. How else could she know how much I adore blackberries? Her Black Julep has good color and a lovely name for a Halloween cocktail. She admits her cocktail has a surge of sweetness, but she has inspired me to make my own blackberry syrup. Cheers Scraps and thanks for playing along!

img_4651I always love seeing what the Booze Nerds come up with. Their blog is lots of fun. Well they sure know how to get me by combining my love of smokey mezcal with Tiki in their Funeral Pyre. I had two reactions when I first saw the picture. First is that I used to have a glass like that. Second is that I tried to light it abalze to and it broke after I washed it next.

1-20151018_132958Swizzzlestick wins the award for best photo. My God just check that out. The Dead & Thirsty is full of tasty peated scotch and ginger. Then garnished with a very spooky gummy eyeball. Make sure to give this one a look while it looks back at you.

freudstein-3The Freudstien is a creation of Robin from Kitchen Shamanism. It seems to be a take on the classic Zombie and is definitely looking lovely. As a shameless plug we played with rosary garnishes last year ourselves. A fellow horror fan always gets a hearty cheers from us. Especially when they tantalize us with a Tiki Treat. Thanks for the submission!

Drinksburgh Karloff ColadaIt didn’t take to much arm twisting to get my good buddy Mike from Drinksburgh to enter the fray. I’m certainly glad he did because he gave a tasty tribute to one of my favorite horror icons with his Karloff Colada. He gives a good dash of spice and citrus giving the drink balance and a nice blend of rums as well. “Colada Goooooood”.

photo 4It just wouldn’t be MxMo if my buddy Dagreb from Nihil Utopia didn’t make it in. He brings us a Mai Kai treasure the classic Last Rites. He uses the super tasty tribute drink made by another great friend Hurricane Hayward. I’ve made the original version out of Sippin Safari more than once and loved it. I’m sure you’ll love either version as well. Thanks for all the hard work my friend to the north! Reading his post he tried a lot of different routes to end up here.

IMG_5360Joel DiPippa of Southern Ash slides in just before the coffin door closed. He worked hard to bring us the tasty Voivode’s Hospitality, a tipicular tribute to Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. Grappa is powerful stuff. Strong enough to wake and summarily roast even the dead. We’re happy to have him join us.

Rotanone (7)Lastly you know us, we always keep it spooky, but even moreso when October rolls around. We highlight the Rotenone for you. A punch dedicated to the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Of course we also have our Gozer’s Gulp, Witch’s Apple, and a few more sips before the month is out. So join us and subscribe won’t you?

mxmo halloween

I must say after hosting 3 MxMo’s this was definitely the most fun. I hope you’ll agree. Thank you everyone for your entries. They all look just great. Until next time…

“Unpleasant Dreams America!” -JFL

About JFL

Joey or JFL as he is known by friends is a culinary trained mixologist from the Heart of Dixie Birmingham, Alabama. From a weekly column in the St. Clair News Aegis to his own experiments online JFL never stops doing work on Tiki and Cocktails. When he's not studying all things spirit, wine, and beer he's pursuing his own odd interests such as cartoons, cheesy old horror movies, horror punk, hair metal, and hockey
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  1. Halloween celebration is coming and these spooky sips will make a great addition to the list of your recipes you’re going to prepare for the event. It’s a a good thing you are able to share it with everyone. They look all delicious also. Guests of your event will definitely appreciate of having a taste of it.

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