About Rated R

I’m extremely profane, unconsciously so, when I see something great for the first time; I don’t know why, but beauty and profanity are related to me in the same way. It may be that I want to think of art in the vernacular, but I have no control over what comes out of my mouth when my eyes take in great beauty…it might just be the reason I avoid going to museums with elderly ladies.”
― Vincent Price


We feel the same way here as the master of horror. Well maybe replace bars and movies with museums, but you get the idea. Rated R Cocktails started years ago with some college friends mixing witch’s brews out of whatever they thought might do the trick. JFL emerged, calling into local talk radio trying break up the droning monotony of the news obsessed public with drink recipes and crude humor. Still he knew there was more out there, and he wanted to make better drinks. He began to read every cocktail book he could find. All the masters, but the works of Jeff Berry hit him hardest. Combined with his skills as a chef and a sommelier he knew he had to step his game up. The drinks began to dramatically improve as his knowledge did. Rated R Cocktails was then truly born, a fiery Tiki monster of iron consumed with making better and better drinks.


So why Tiki? Perhaps it’s the carefree joy, or maybe it’s the shark below your feet. Maybe it’s the lovely maiden with the frothy beverage, or the 10 foot tarantula ready to make short work of her. Tiki has always balanced carefree sex with danger, but like us it rarely gets caught up in morals. Rums, spices, fresh fruit juices, and exotic ingredients mixed with a flair and a story. Give a generous pour of your potion and serve with a smile and a show.


Plus true classic Tiki just melds so well with our other interests. Classic horror movies, hair metal, punk, cartoons, kung fu movies, and almost any crazy eighties camp. If it’s campy, and demanding seriousness in it’s silliness we’re there.


Our island isn’t always as sunny as some tiki huts, Danger and darkness lurk in the shadows. Be brave weary traveler, for once you’ve crossed the webs of the jungle a heavy metal good time may await.

The wonderful thing about Hawaii is, there, it doesn’t take any words at all to say “I love you.” You can say it with a pineapple and a twenty.”

Vincent Price


So Where Can I Find More JFL?

JFL wrote for the St. Clair News Aegis and many of his articles can be found on their site. It’s mostly food since he isn’t to bad a cook. The paper releases every Thursday. Still you can find the old articles online by searching JFL on their site.


Rated R Cocktails updates weekly, generally on Monday unless life gets in the way. Rated R Cocktails is also big on Facebook, our original home, and serves as a roundup for links to other blogs and anything we find funny. Twitter is great to but don’t expect anything mature from us. We’ve even taking to playing on Instagram also and hope you’ll join us.


You can always get JFL by commenting on the site, posting on the Facebook page, and tweeting him. You can even email us ratedrcocktails@gmail.com. We love answering questions.


Hey One more thing, Why Rated R?

Hey Rated R doesn’t always have to mean nudity, it used to cover offensive thought and ideas. Rated R Cocktails, and it’s owner, can have loud mouth and drunken moments. We don’t have time for the sensitive, the self important, and the stuck up. Thus you were warned, we’re Rated R.


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