Cocktail List

Welcome to our extensive menu. After two years of radio and three years of blogging it’s quite the list of Tiki tipples. This list only contains the cocktails, there are also food and opinion articles mixed in. Plus it’s only updated once or twice a year. If you’ve enjoyed perusing this it’s worth trolling through our backlog as well. Okole maluna folks!

AbsintheAbsinthe Halloween Cocktail

Deserted Plantation *

Ectoplasm *

French Quarter Fop *


Batavia ArrackFogonCastleTalbot (4)

East India Daquiri *

The Fog of Castle Talbot *





BeerPelapaha (2)

Gozer’s Gulp *

Hipsters in Hanalei (or Hipster’s Hiccup) *

Pela Paha *

Pining for Paradise *

Saru-Pantsu *




BrandyPhantom (3)

Calypso Confuser (1&2) *

The Fog of Castle Talbot *

Pama Nui (Calvados) *

Phantom of the Luau (Coconut Syrup Recipe)*






GinNiuNaut (3)

Crimson Krampus *

The Fog of Castle Talbot *

Hot Jive *

Insufferable Twit *

Mane’o Keke Martini *

Niu Mele *

Niunaut *ThePrice

Pickled Pilot *

The Price *

Rangoon Gimlet

Singapore Sling




Liqueurs, Cordials & Others Makahiki (1)

Becky’s Best *

Chartreuse Swizzle

Jade Fizz * (Sickly sweet, but great for hangovers)

Makahiki *

Omar’s Delight

Sunward Sampan *




Aku Aku Zombie

Aitu Eye *

Ancient Mariner

Banshee’s Eye *CoralShores (1)

Boo Loo

Caribe Smash *

Carioca Hawaiian Cocktail

Carioca Affair *

Cerulean Silk *

Colonel Minty’s Holiday Grog *

Conquistador Conga *

Coral Shores * 

Coral Snake *

Cosmo Calypso *

Cosmos Castaway *

Cranhammer Fizz *

Daiq O’ Lantern *

Dark Isles Punch * DarknessFalls (5)

Darkness Falls *

Daybreak Daiquiri *

Death at Sea *

Deserted Plantation *

Doctor Funk

Dr. Phibes*

Drunken Sailor *FireKnifePunc3

Eruption *

Fire Knife Punch *

Fog Cutter

Geaux Nuts *

Green Blade Tea *

Guangzhou Grog *

Hala Luana (1&2) *HanaLuana7

Haunted Hut *

Ho’oilo Punch *

Hot Buttered Haole’s *

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Zombie

Hula Ghoul *

Iat Iam (A Very tongue and cheek invert) *LintongPunch (5)

Jet Pilot (Luau)

Jungle Bird

Kope Lani *

Kuko Punch *

Lintong Punch *

Lobo Colada *

Lono Cup (Pumpkin Spice Syrup Recipe) *MAiko (2)

Lost Island Iced Coffee *

Maiko *

Missionary’s Downfall

Mystic Potion *

Onirico Planter’s * 

Oregon Outcast *


Pina Colada (JFL’s Redeemed Version) *

Pele’s Potion *

Poseidon Punch *

Quemada’s Idol


Ronrico Planter’s #3

Rose of Mahina *Shipwreck (3)

Ruby of Burma *

Sampan Punch *

Scarlet Sabre *

Sharknado *

Shipwreck *

Sol Volcanique *

Spice Trader *Sunswirl (3)

Sunken Sampan *

Sunswirl *

Tahitian Sunset *

Tepes Punch *

The Third Ghost *

The Thunder Lizard *

Tiger SharkTreeViper (4)

Trader Vic Grog

Tree Viper *

Tropi-cure *

Waverider Iced Tea *

White Sands Hot Chocolate *

Whiro’s Whim *

Zombie (1950)

Zombie (1956)

Zombie Punch



TequilaKarloffKooler (3)

Karloff Kooler *

Maestro Mahina *

Mai Mai *

Manchu Mantis*


Orangerita *



VodkaBlue Hawaii1

Ball & Chain *

Blue Hawaii

Cou Cou Comber


Hobo Honey *

Holiday Headcase *

Moody Blues *HolidayHeadcase (1)

Put a Spell on You *







Apple Toddy

Beginner’s Luck *

Bugs Bunny *

Cook’s Sour *Hauntedhill2

Cowgirl Uprising *

Forge God *

Haggerty’s Draught *

Haunted Hill *

Honey Thrill Me *Chinatown (3)

My Chinatown Moll *

Reindeer Blood *





DIY Mixers and Home Bar Building



Stocking the Tiki Bar (Glassware)

Stocking the Tiki Bar (Rums)

Stocking the Tiki Bar (Tools)

Syrups: Simple

Syrups: Replacement



*Denotes an Original Rated R Creation

5 Responses to Cocktail List

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  2. Lindsay Clem says:

    Hola JFL. You may not remember me a peon, but I met you at Arnauds last year at Tales. Are you going again? I remember you were hilarious

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